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Subject: Queen Royalty Patrenia A Victim Of Chicago Cruelty
Queen Royalty Patrenia Turner Is A Victim Of Cruelty People And Persons In the United States Of America. This hatred activity is happening to me in the city of Chicago, Illinios. I am still needing to return to CANADA.
Many people or persons in Chicago, Illinois where I am residing at are organized against me and are enforcing the Murphy´s Law Code against me. That is to say, "If anything can go wrong for Queen Royalty Patrenia Turner, The Queen Of England, And The United States Of America´s First Poetry Queen -- Then Let It Go Wrong! At this writing, I have in my possession my Social Security Disabililty Insurance Check for the amount of $616.80. I am recognized by the people in positions of power at the currency exchanges, and yet they still refuse to cash my check. I am late or behind in paying my storage rent. I am threatened with the loss of a lot of things that are very special to me or royal to me and to my England community. All of this , because I cannot semm to be able to cash my check. I was forced to close my direct deposit bank account for reasons that I cannot explain at this time. However, I was told that I would never make any progress until I had closed my bank account. So I closed it. Now, I am late in paying my monthly rent. If I cannot pay the rent on my storage unit, the office workers may have a chance to claim my possessions for themselves? Why is this happening to me? I am not married to anyone in the United States Of America. I am also not dating anyone here or anywhere else. My disabled husband is in CANADA. I am doing all that I can to leave the United States peacefully. Many of the people or persons that are around protest against me leaving the United States Of America as "EF" or "Exiting Friendly." I have had a recent change in my names. I was born with the "given names" of Jesus-Patrenias Turner. When I was kidnapped at a very young age, the kidnapping party members changed my names to Patrenia "Yvonne" Turner. They refused to let me be known as a member of Jesus Christ´s Royal Family. Later they said they´re reasons for doing this was to stop me from being kidnapped by Mexico. They insisted that Jesus is a Mexican or Spanish name. They also said that my husband will call me his wife number one. I am not a muslim, and my husband is not a muslim.The name Yvonne is sometimes pronounced as Why-von. This name for me is acceptable only to the United States Of America for me as far as I know. At any rate, it has been forced upon me, and I continue to use this name against my will. I have had no other choices when it comes to obtaining an important United States Of America´s government document called a USA Passport Card. I am desperate to return to CANADA. I was so pleased to finally be given an important document that would let me going back home to the England Community Of CANADA at last! But fate would not have it that way for me. I have been told by Capri a potential assassinator of me to "Get out and stay out and don´t ever come back here again!" I have been informed that she is around me to do an assassination of me and for no other reason than that. Sometimes she used to say that she is in the F.B.I.. So it would appear that everybody wants me to leave and go away. Yet, I am being blocked, and prevented from leaving. I have an income, I have checks, and yet I am rendered helpless, and unable to cash my check, or to pay my rent so that I can retain the ownership of my things, and the possession of my valuables that I have stored up for more than five years, or ever since the year 2005. Some people jokingly say that they are gonna open up a small "boutique" store with the things I have in storage.


Queen Royalty Patrenia Turner a-k-a Patrenia Yvonne Turner

Royalty Patrenia Turner

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